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Amazon's Most Adorable (Size-Inclusive) Swimsuits

Oh EM GEE, guys: the temperature is finally moving in the right direction and the high today is 75!!!!!!!!!!!!11ONE!!

I'll be totally honest: I hate cold weather. The bare trees and the washed-out sky make me incredibly sad, which exacerbates the struggle of clinical depression and panic disorder. TMI? Nope. #endthestigma

AND THEN... Spring Break comes and the weather in South Carolina decides to drop to below 40. What. the. ever-loving. heck. Fortunately, the Weather Channel app says the high is 75 today and it's all that I can do to keep from shouting from the rooftops!

With warmer weather comes the desire to find a pool or beach to splash around and soak in some Vitamin D. Even I, who am the most homebody couch potato-iest potato of them all, will charge up the Kindle or treat myself to a paperback so that I can go thaw my bones out in the sunshine. I also have a Vitamin D deficiency, so sunshine gives me a bump in my mood and energy levels.

PSA - make sure your PCP is checking your Vitamin D levels because that could be greatly affecting your energy levels! (Even as a mom, teacher, student, etc., you should NOT be exhausted all the time)

Of course, in order to soak up as much of that comforting sunshine as possible, you've got to expose a little skin.

Sometimes, though, we curvy gals get protective and insecure when trying to pick out a swimsuit because we feel as though we should cover up what we or others might consider flaws. PSA#2: EVERYONE has flaws. Regardless, a lot of us have been taught that as bigger girls, we shouldn't expose our soft bellies or thunderous thighs. Nothing makes me sadder than seeing someone hiding underneath floppy folds of wet fabric when stepping into a pool because he or she feels as though they need to be wearing shorts and a t-shirt in the water.

Girl, NO.

Dude, NO.

Life is really short, ya know? It's especially too short to hide from the sunshine.

It's also too short to pay $120 for a swimsuit just because we're a little extra!

That being said, I went to my favorite place on the Internet (Amazon) and looked around for some inexpensive but sassy swimwear so that once the temperature decides to stay around 80-90 degrees, I can endure another Brazilian wax and break into apartment complex pools.

I'm only sort of kidding about the breaking in thing.

These were some of my favorites! Be sure to read the reviews to learn more about fit and flatter for your specific boobies and booties. I also love to click through the image galleries to see how the suits look on ladies with figures similar to mine.

Women's Plus Size Peplum Tankini

This one is adorable and a super safe bet for ladies who are unsure about belly pooches. Peplum does wonders -- that's why Kim Kardashian swears by it. This one comes in several trendy patterns, but I'm loving yellow right now.

Ruffled Flounce-Top High-Waisted Bikini

I'm leaning towards this adorable flutter-sleeve, off-shoulder number. This coral/salmon is the color of the year, the flutter helps hide any bicep/tricep imperfections, and the ruching on the bottom is incredibly flattering. Plus, how sexy and satisfying is it that this Bardot sleeve is back in style? My Dirty-Dancing-loving heart is THRILLED.

Ruffle-top High-Waisted Bikini

This suit is fantastic for gals shaped like me - like an apple. It lets you show off your arms and booty, but the top flatters the belly and any under-booby pooches. It also comes in this amazing safari green if you're like me and have way too much black options.

Like Amazon tends to do, this link also sends you to the AMAZING Bardot, Miami 1960s two-piece below. I love EVERYTHING about that.

PS - Printed bottoms make your booty look smaller, if you're into that sorta thing.

One-Piece V-Neckline Halter Mesh Swimsuit

One-Piece Ruffle Flounce Off-Shoulder Printed

Report back if you order one! I'm still making up my mind...

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